Bismuth tin eutectic BiSn42

Bismuth-tin low melting point alloy
Eutectic alloy of bismuth and tin
Chemical formula: alloy of 58% Bi and 42% Sn
Name: BiSn42; bismuth-tin eutectic
Series: Alloy
Appearance: Silver eutectic alloy
Physical state: Solid (at room temperature)
Density: approx. 8.56 g/cm3
Melting point: approx. 140° Celsius

Melting temperature of 58% Bi 42% Sn: approx. 138° Celsius

This inexpensive alloy has a higher melting temperature than Field's metal and is more brittle.

This produces a fine plaster and is stable in the filigree area. It is not harmful to health.
The alloy is manufactured using a special process from high purity raw materials

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