Cerium oxide

Cerium (IV) oxide is a chemical compound of the elements cerium and oxygen and belongs to the group of metal oxides. More precisely, it is a rare earth oxide.

Like all rare earth oxides, cerium (IV) oxide emits a strong light when heated.
It crystallizes in the fluorite structure. In its purest form, the oxide is whitish to light yellow. If it contains impurities (e.g. neodymium, praseodymium), the oxide can also take on red or brown shades. The brown color is mostly ceria, which is used for grinding and polishing purposes. The purity is irrelevant here.

Cerium oxide has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. Cerium (IV) oxide is used in catalytic converters in motor vehicles and oxidizes carbon monoxide and excess hydrocarbons when there is insufficient oxygen.

Polishing agent based on cerium (IV) oxide is used as opaline in the optical industry for polishing glasses and stones. It usually comes as a dry powder. The polishing suspension, which is made with deionized water (also basic water), contains approximately 60 g of Opaline per liter of water.

Similarly, cerium (IV) oxide-based polishing suspensions are also used in semiconductor technology. They are mainly used for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) of silicon dioxide. However, the mean grain size is significantly smaller, it is only around 50 to 150 nm. Since the cerium (IV) oxide particles sediment relatively quickly, organic additives such as polyelectrolytes are used to stabilize the suspension.
There are also commercial products that use other organic substances, such as certain amino acids, in order to achieve an increased material selectivity between the removal rates of silicon dioxide and silicon nitride. The background is that silicon nitride layers are used as a stop layer in SiO2-CMP and should not be removed during polishing, if possible.

The cerium (IV) oxide-cerium (III) oxide process is being developed for the future production of hydrogen using solar energy.

CeO2 is also used as a UV absorber in paints. This serves to improve the light resistance of exposed surfaces; Otherwise paints will be decomposed by the UV radiation.

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Cerium oxide specification
Other names: ceria / cerium (IV) oxide
Chemical formula: CeO2
Molar mass: 172.11 g.mol ? 1
Physical state: solid
Density: 7.3 g cm ? 3
Melting point: approx. 2000 ° C