alloy known colloquially as "Galinstan" is liquid at room temperature

GaInSn [Ga,In,Sn]
Eutectic alloys of GA, in and Sn
Chemical formula: GA, in, Sn alloy
Atomic number:/
Series: Alloy
Appearance: Silver eutectic alloy
Mass fraction of soil layer:/
Physical state: liquid
Density: About 6.44 gcm3
Melting point: - 10 to - 19 ° C
Boiling point: > 1300 ° C

The alloy commonly known as "galinstein" is liquid at room temperature.
This fascinating eutectic alloy consists of gallium, indium and tin.
Gallium, indium and tin (Latin for tin) make up the common modifier galintin.

The alloy is liquid at room temperature and can be used at the highest temperature according to its composition.
Keep the liquid in? 19°C。
Liquid metal alloy

Physical and chemical properties

"Galintin" is a silver odorless liquid. Even at temperatures below 0 ° C, it is liquid and can adhere to many materials, including glass, which limits its application in some cases. If gallium oxide (III) is coated inside the tube in advance, the thermometer can only be made with galinston. Like mercury, galinstein can easily form alloys with solid metals. For example, aluminum can be dissolved in galinston.

Galinston is 65 to 95% gallium, 5 to 22% indium and 0 to 11% tin by weight.

In the physical chemistry literature, the ternary eutectic composition of these three elements is 59.6% GA, 26% in and 14.4% Sn, and the melting point is 11 ° C.