99.999% Pure Titanium

Titanium is a silvery white, common but difficult to extract light metal. Titanium in its pure form is easy to deform, malleable, relatively thermally stable and has excellent electrical conductivity. Its mechanical strength and low thermal expansion are important characteristics. Titanium is relatively resistant to air corrosion at room temperature, and its corrosion resistance is comparable to that of precious metals.

High purity titanium is used as a getter metal in vacuum technology to remove the final gas residue because it reacts with a small amount of oxygen. Corrosion resistant pure titanium is used in the construction of chemical plants. Titanium alloy has high strength, low weight and excellent corrosion resistance, which is an excellent building material for shipbuilding and aerospace industry. Titanium is also an important alloy element in special steel.

The element with sequence number 22 has several unique attributes. Its density is only 4.50 g / cm3, very light, but it is one of the toughest and most elastic metals in the world. Titanium parts are not affected by turbulence and impact.

In addition, the expansion is very low when heated. Although pure titanium has a high melting point (1727 ° C), it is not recommended to be used in high temperature applications, because some changes in physical properties occur between 400-600 ° C, and titanium begins to react with the environment, which may lead to inflammation or even explosion.

Titanium hardens almost every material

On the other hand, the view of titanium containing alloys is completely different. Even the smallest amount of titanium ensures a decisive improvement in material strength. One example is microalloying of steel. The mass fraction of titanium accounts for 0.01-0.1% of the total mass fraction, which endows the steel with high toughness, strength and ductility, i.e. non fracture deformability.

Although the price is relatively high, titanium alloy is the first choice for a wide range of applications, from outdoor sports goods such as golf clubs to military titanium protective vests.

We don't just supply you with titanium. In E. Wagener, you can determine the purity of the transported materials. We provide you with 90, 95 or even more than 99 pure titanium. It can also be directly processed into blocks, wires, foils, sheets or bars.