Dysprosium oxide

Dysprosium oxide | Dysprosium oxide
Dysprosium oxide | Dy2O3 | Dysprosium (III) oxide
Neodymium (III) oxide Dy2O3
Dysprosium (III) oxide ? Strategic Elements
Dysprosium (III) oxide is a chemical compound of the elements dysprosium and oxygen and belongs to the group of metal oxides.

Dysprosium (III) oxide is a white, slightly hygroscopic powder that is insoluble in water and strongly magnetic. It has a cubic crystal structure. The oxide reacts with acids to form cations, which in turn react weakly acidic in water.

Dysprosium (III) oxide is used for special purposes in glass, lasers, fluorescent materials, special alloys and metal halide lamps. It is still used for nuclear reactor control rods. As a dopant for capacitors, it is used for small capacitors with high capacitance. Its magnetic properties make it interesting for motors and generators. It significantly increases the usable temperature range of magnets here. It is therefore almost indispensable for electromobility and renewable energies, since high temperatures prevail, especially in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Dysprosium oxide
Other names: Dysprosia / Dysprosium (III) oxide

Chemical formula: Dy2O3
Molar mass: 373 g.mol ? 1
Physical state: solid
Density: 7.81 g cm ? 3
Melting point: 2310 ° C
Boiling point: 3900 ° C