Thulium oxide

Thulium oxide
Thulium oxide | Tm2O3 | Thulium (III) oxide
Thulium Oxide Strategic Elements
Thulium (III) oxide ? Strategic Elements
Thulium oxide is a chemical compound of the elements thulium and oxygen. It belongs to the group of metal oxides.

Thulium (III) oxide is a white to slightly greenish powder with a cubic crystal structure.

Thulium (III) oxide changes the optical properties of glass. Tm-doped glass fiber is used for 1.8 μm lasers. Further areas of application are nuclear reactors, X-ray intensifying foils or fiber lasers.

Thulium (III) -oxide Tm2O3 / TREO: 99.9% order.

Thulium oxide
Other names: dithulium trioxide / thulium sesquioxide / thulium oxide (ambiguous)

Chemical formula: Tm2O3
Molar mass: 385.87 g.mol ? 1
Physical state: solid
Density: 8.6 g cm ? 3
Melting point: 2341 ° C
Boiling point: 3945 ° C